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For many years we've been asked 'what is it that you do'? Now that Acacia is here, the answers are here too. Here is a taste of some commonly asked questions we receive...


"We have agreed a contract of purchase from a supplier in China and require shipment of my goods to Australia. How can Acacia help?"


Depending on your purchase term, there are a number of ways that Acacia can help to ship your goods to Australia in a timely and cost effective manner. Let's assume you have purchased on an FOB basis (Free on Board). This essentially means your supplier will deliver to the named (usually closest air or sea) port and be responsible for any risk or costs involved to do so. Acacia's local partners will contact your supplier to organise receipt of your goods into the depot. Acacia will arrange vessel or flight details and ship accordingly, providing you with the necessary documentation. Once the goods land, Acacia's partners will customs clear the goods and once clearance is obtained, Acacia will deliver your goods to your warehouse/final destination here in Australia.


"Are you a freight forwarder?"


Yes. Acacia is a reputable freight forwarder who works with partners both around Australia and worldwide, to ensure smooth collection, shipping (whether it be by sea or air), customs clearance and delivery of goods. As a freight forwarding expert, we understand customs regulations and requirements and work in your best interest to acheieve costs savings wherever possible. However, unlike traditional ff services, we draw on our industry expertise to go beyond and can manage as little or as much of the procees as you require - often dependent on your purchase/sales terms with yor customer and of course your own in-house manpower. 



"I'm new to the world of Importing and am hoping to establish relationships with offshore manufacturers. Do you provide guidance on how to make connections in sourcing countries and things to consider when embarking on Importing?"


Absolutely. Acacia has a wealth of experience in dealing with offshore suppliers and customers. We provide an understanding of your obligations as an Importer / Exporter and break through some of the (complicated) lingo associated with the world of Shipping.



"There are many freight forwarders & shipping agents out there... What does Acacia offer that the others don't?"


Acacia prides itself on its service offering to clients. No matter how big or small, we believe everyone is entitled to fair treatment, competitve rates and exceptional levels of customer service. That includes being available to clients when they require, providing quick, timely and up-to-date information. Furthermore, we are proud supporters of our clients businesses.


"We are based in Australia, and currently import from China. We are about to commence shipping from China to the US? Is this something Acacia can handle?"


Yes. Through our partners we can arrange shipment of goods by air or by sea to/from virtually anywhere in the world. We can also provide guidance on local customs requirements, documentation, warehousing, local delivery.

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