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Our business is built on a firm foundation of customer service! Without it, we wouldn't have a business! This, along with competitive freight rates, is why we attract reputable brands and businesses.


And we work hard for them. It's in our nature!


We can shout it from the rooftops, but it's the feedback and referrals from our valued clients that is enabling our business to grow.


And we couldn't be prouder!









Make Me Iconic

As an experienced manufacturer of goods offshore and a business that frequently moves large volumes of cargo, it has been invaluable to have Acacia on board to handle all of our importing requirements over the past few years.


As we continue to expand in a highly competitive market place, it's essential we keep costs to a minimum and we're so pleased that Acacia not only provides highly competitive rates, they do so with exceptional levels of customer service!


We are only too pleased to refer Acacia onto fellow Importers & Exporters.

Mama Maya

Robyn Jones

Marni from Acacia Shipping & Logistics is the best - no doubt about it!


Importing is probably one of the last things people think about when setting up a business (it was for me), and it’s also pretty daunting. Being a new business and a small fish in a big pond, it was such a blessing to find Marni, and my business definitely wouldn’t be in the position it is today without Marni's help and advice along the way. She’s honest, straight-talking and incredibly knowledgable about importing and exporting. She knows the traps that businesses can fall into, and has saved me not only money, but so much headache and confusion by making the importing and delivery of my stock absolutely seamless - and she does it all with a sense of humour, kindness, and generosity of her time.


Marni’s not only my go-to on importing now and forever more, but a firm friend too.

Electric Confetti

Natalie Jarvis

A shout out to Marni Clarke of Acacia, who met with me and gave me a full run down on all things shipping!


As a new Importer, it was so refreshing to deal with someone who actually listened and didn't refer me on to another department. She explained where all of the costs come from, why they are there and things like 'dead freight' - which I'd unknowingly & unecessarily being paying for!


If you're importing for your business, get in touch with Marni, she'll be sure to make the journey 'smooth sailing' (so to speak!).

Harrison & O'Brien Agency

Chloe Harrison

Dedicated, efficient and highly reliable!


On point, on time!


Full of helpful advice and able to ship cargo from all ends of the earth!

Happy Client

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH  for all your ground work.


I can't tell you what a dream it is to deal with someone so efficient and detailed. 

It's honestly a pleasure.

Happy Client

Thank you so very much for your help today! So sorry to dump a last minute clearance on you so late on a Friday!


I truly cannot thank you enough and am very grateful for the discount also, much appreciated!

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